Sweet & Savoury Combined – The Great Debate

If you want to really shock a Brit, there is only one way. It’s not by forcing them to complain about an overcooked steak at a restaurant (something they will notoriously shy away from) or even by jumping in front of someone in the queue to board that busy plane at the airport. No, no. If you really want to shock a Brit, you should introduce them to the flavour pairing of sweet and savoury.


In America, this is a pairing that comes very naturally to the country’s palate. Americans have been eating sweet and savoury together since they introduced peanut butter to jelly (jam) sandwiches. They have marshmallows melted onto sweet potatoes as part of their Thanksgiving dinner (a staple in any self-respecting American household) and they love salty bacon with their maple syrup and pancakes at a diner brunch.


But eating sweet and savoury flavours together is something that has traditionally confused Brits. The idea of putting a marshmallow anywhere near their roast dinner would send some spiralling into a world of chaos and turmoil. However, as with most things, trends change and evolve. Now in the UK we see the idea of sweet and savoury becoming much more a prominent and favoured taste.


Over the last few years, we have seen the rise of salted caramel. Recently, this has been taken a step further with the new love of miso caramel – even more rooted in salt and umami flavours. We’ve seen burgers served on waffles and pepperoni pizza drizzled with honey.


So it feels the right time for Britzels to come forging into the UK snack scene, full of sweet, savoury, smoky and slightly spicy notes. Our founder first came across this sweet and savoury combo in a pretzel in America over a decade ago at a drinks party and she immediately fell in love. When she moved to the UK, she knew with developing palates, Brits would feel that same sense of total appreciation for the flavour combo and, with that, Britzels was born.


We’d love to hear your favourite flavour combination or any fun ideas you have for pretzel flavours. Get in touch!