Meet Britzels – Our new branding unveiled!


We are so excited to finally unveil our new brand Britzels. After hard work and a journey that has crossed the continents, we are delighted to finally be able to launch our brand of American style hard sourdough pretzels properly.


When our founder Beth first decided to start her pretzel journey, she worked fast and feverishly to get the business up and running. She found the product, created a name and a website and, within 24 hours, had everything ready to go! This was not just another good idea that was going to sit around in waiting.


Beth loved our initial name, Ben’s Pretzels, as it was very close to her heart, named after her family’s horse who won the 1980 Grand National.


However, as a brand with global aspirations, Ben’s Pretzels couldn’t last due to similar brand names in the States, so after months of deliberating and work, the name was decided: Britzels – to represent the British side of this pretzel story.


With a brand new look, exciting new packaging and new recipes in development all the time, we know this is just the beginning for Britzels and are so excited to have you along for the journey.


We are always on the lookout for new stockists so if you are interested in stocking Britzels or know anyone who might be, please get in touch. Click here to get in touch!