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Meet Britzels, the newest snack on the block, taking pretzels to extraordinary new heights.

Born from an authentic American recipe and hand finished in Oxford, Britzels are premium, hard sourdough pretzels with real bite.

We are turning the ordinary pretzel snack on its head, with our signature sweet, savoury and spicy style. Take everything you’ve ever thought you knew about pretzels and forget it. 

Crunch on our range here

Whether you’re looking for a mid-morning pick me up to have with coffee, the perfect wine or beer accompaniment, or even a lunchtime snack sure to make the kids smile, the Britzel is your new go to treat. Load both intoxicating flavours with your favourite dip or have them straight. It’s that famous crunch that will keep you coming back for more.

Crunch on our range here